Hey there, fellow app-magnates!

After an epic 10+ years of rocking the development world, Groove Development is officially hitting pause on taking in new contracts, starting January 2020.

We’ve had a blast, crafted apps galore, and met some seriously amazing clients, but hey, all good things must evolve! But fear not! Since hanging our development hats, I’ve become a matchmaker extraordinaire, linking up tons of hopefuls with stellar development squads.

If you’re on the hunt for a dream team or a coding whiz, hit me up at: rick@groovedevelopment.com and I’ll play Cupid for your project. Give me the deets: time frame, project vibe, and I’ll hook you up with the perfect match.

Think of me as your app-fairy godparent!

Cheerio for now,

- Rick,
The Connector of Codes